Development and application of new biomass fuel boiler
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With the development of national economy, the all-round development of well-off society has gradually improved the living standard of the people. People cannot leave the survival and development of energy, but with the rapid growth of energy demand in the world, represented by coal, oil and natural gas of conventional energy will eventually be exhausted, and extensive use of these fossil fuels will lead to a series of serious environmental pollution problems. Therefore, improve the efficiency of energy utilization, with the development of new and high technology of low pollution, renewable new energy, gradually replacing non-renewable energy sources such as oil, coal, natural gas, is the important way to solve the problem of energy crisis and environment. Among the many renewable energy sources, biomass energy has great development potential with its abundant resource reserves, clean and convenient and reproducible characteristics.

State in 2006 began to advocate production and research and development of new energy, energy-saving and emission reduction policy introduced, the construction of energy-saving society resources, promote the prosperity of low-carbon economy, renewable resources, promote energy-saving emission reduction projects, especially the development of biomass boiler, straw type of fuels, has a lot of support the development of a policy. For example, the ministry of agriculture introduced the "ten technologies" of energy conservation and emission reduction. The ministry of finance introduced the subsidy policy for straw forming fuel; Introduced the state administration of taxation preferential tax reduction policy, local governments at various levels also followed suit, introduced some supporting policies, the state industrial policy and the strategic development of the enterprise in the same direction, it can provide the good market environment for enterprise development. As early as the eleventh five-year plan outline is put forward, the construction of low input, high output, low consumption, low emissions, energy recycling, sustainable national economic system and resource saving, environment friendly society and clearly points out that the energy consumption per unit GDP fell by 20% over the next five years or so. In response to national policies, the taizhou Mediterranean began to develop biomass boilers in 2008. At present, we have participated in the national science and technology support plan for research and development of highly efficient biomass boilers.

In order to better promote biomass energy, to meet the needs of development, we developed a new type of environmental protection new energy efficient biomass fuel boiler, while guarantee the biomass fuel burn adequately, can greatly reduce carbon, reduce the investment, production and operation cost.

Using new energy research and development for the traditional biomass boiler boiler industry is a major breakthrough, the traditional coal boiler thermal efficiency is low, large labor intensity of operation, sewage polluted, biomass boiler adopt fully automatic digital computer control, automatic feed, automatic ignition combustion, boiler stop automatically, convenient operation, high automation, and its nature of combustion of biomass particles, after combustion emissions and return to nature, to form a carbon cycle zero emission pattern.