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Human rights

We should support and respect the declaration of human rights to the international community in the context of its influence.

Not to protect human rights violations and labor.

To effectively guarantee the right to organize and negotiate the freedom of the union.

Eliminate any form of forced labor.

The effective abolition of child labor.

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Environmental protection

Plan for environmental protection.

Take responsibility for environmental protection.

Promote the development and popularization of environmental protection technology.

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Take active measures against any form of corruption such as extortion and bribery.

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SA8000:Social Accountability 8000(SA8000) Social responsibility standards are based on international standards of Social responsibility established by the international Labour organization ordinance.

We fulfill our social responsibility to help solve the employment problem. Except by increasing investment, new projects, expand employment, the most important thing is to advocate the enterprise scientific arrangement of labor, expand employment, create the experience without attrition can increase efficiency, reduce the personnel to the society and increase the employment pressure.

We fulfill our social responsibilities to help protect resources and the environment and achieve sustainable development.

We should fulfill our social responsibilities to help alleviate the gap between rich and poor and eliminate the hidden dangers of social unrest.

We are committed to ending discrimination based on employment and occupation.