Company invested heavily to introduce the world's most advanced robotic equipment production lines, humanized design, precision manufacturing, to revitalize national industry as own duty, has been the construction of global specification project "industry" as the goal and strive for it.


Because the company scale, a total investment of $1.6 in lishui, zhejiang province economic development zone has built two production base, production base covers an area of nearly 40000 square meters, annual output of twenty thousand annual material boiler project was voted development zone key support project.
In February 2014, leehom was completed in advance, and the company was moved from taizhou to lishui, officially put into production in lishui, and took the first step of "building the first brand of biomass boiler in China".


In 2008, the company began to develop biomass boilers, and after continuous efforts by researchers, the company successfully developed a kerosene stove and biomass boiler.
The production of biomass boiler CLHS-0.08 in the northeast market annual sales of 800.


After many years of development, the site has not reached the production demand and relocated to the south bank industrial zone. Due to higher oil prices, the company leaders to make important decisions, the development of the national distributor, is not limited to zhejiang, so in 2008 the rise in oil prices has been the major provinces and cities across the country when the fastest developed dealer, through the enterprise crisis.


On August 1, the company was founded in 1997, in zhejiang province jiang days tung island town for production, factory main production early fuel oil hot water boiler and gas hot water boiler, main sales scope again in zhejiang, dealers in zhejiang, the company product quality is stable, good customer response, the company is developing rapidly.