Xie kechang: the core of the coal revolution is clean utilization
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The characteristics of energy endowment in China is lack of gas and oil rich coal, coal production and consumption in the proportion of primary energy structure have stayed at about 70%, the medium and long-term energy development in the subject position. Despite the rapid development of natural gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy, coal has not lost its place in the world. The UK oil company's world energy statistics yearbook shows that coal has been the world's fastest growing fossil fuel in the past decade, rising from 27.2 per cent in 2004 to 30.1 per cent in 2013. According to the 22nd world energy conference, fossil energy is still the foundation of world energy in 2050.

Revolutionary energy production and consumption is the core content of China's energy security strategy, the purpose is to suppress the unreasonable energy demand, promote the diversification of the supply system, and through the technological revolution, institutional revolution and strengthen international cooperation, ensuring our energy security. As a basic energy source, coal must be revolutionized, but not "coal's life". The post-coal age is still early, "de-coalation" is undesirable. Under the background of "low carbon economy", China's energy development mode cannot simply imitate foreign experience, from the national strategic interests and energy security concerns, we will accelerate the cultivation with core independent intellectual property rights of coal clean and efficient technology and industry, to win the initiative.

From the point of view of the reality and development, the coal exploitation and utilization of the development strategic layout, development of total amount control, development and utilization of low quality coal, coal transmission route of coordinated development, combustion and gasification technology, advanced coal-fired power generation development direction, the development of modern coal chemical industry, coal Quito co-generation system development direction, energy intensive industries in energy, coal use pollutants control and carbon emissions and other 10 questions, these questions involved in the coal industry chain.

"Revolution" of coal is at the heart of the whole advancement clean utilization of coal in the industry, the whole industry chain, to promote coal production by "need DingChan" to "scientific development", to promote extensive coal supply to suit consumer, speed up transformation of coal-fired power generation is local lead to overall energy conservation and environmental protection, speed up transformation of traditional coal chemical industry to a modern coal chemical industry, promote the development of long distance coal transmission independent optimization distribution shift to synergetic development, gradually achieve way of coal development and utilization of clean, efficient, comprehensive improve the ability of sustainable development of coal, coal development and utilization and coordinated development of society, economy, resources and environment. How to realize clean and efficient sustainable development of coal?

Coal scientific development should be put in first place, the need to strengthen the scientific capacity building, optimizing scientific productivity layout, to develop the safe, efficient, green mining technology and equipment, promote the scientific development of key areas. According to the "standard allow mining, new standard construction, mine is not up to standard upgrade, reform forced exit" train of thought, lead to develop in the direction of high efficiency, green and safe coal mine. To maintain the existing one third of the mines that meet the scientific capacity standard, the new production capacity will be built in strict accordance with the scientific production capacity standard; In the renovation of 1/3 unmet mine, one third backward and unreformable capacity are phased out. By 2020, scientific capacity will reach 3.2 billion tons, accounting for 70 percent. By 2030, scientific capacity will reach 3.9 billion tons, accounting for 85 percent.

In accordance with the "protection and reduce the eastern, central stable development, accelerate the development of western" the principle, a big increase in jin shan MengNing gan district science capacity, promote the development of new green area coal science, speed up the integration of the northeast area of small and medium-sized coal mine, the coal security development advancing south China area. Jinshaan MengNing gansu area to explore in thick coal seam mining technology, safe and efficient mining information and trial application of the intelligent technology, explore new green area safe efficient mining thick coal seam mining technology, the application of large open-air coal mining technology and equipment, east China area, northeast area and south China area focus on tightening, CBM extraction using, full-mechanized mining in thin coal mine deep mining technology research, development and application.

We will comprehensively consider factors such as coal resources, water resources and environmental conditions to strengthen the construction of coal industry bases. In ningdong of ningxia, Inner Mongolia ordos and shaanxi yulin "energy golden triangle", the construction of large-scale coal base, thermal power base and coal chemical industry base has been steadily promoted. In the xinjiang region, accelerate the development of coal science, and give priority to the deep processing of coal with high energy, such as coal-to-oil and coal-based olefins. In the southwest region, we have vigorously promoted the development of coal security, implemented protective restrictions, controlled coal chemical projects and promoted the development of the base.

Secondly, we will promote the comprehensive washing and selection of coal, accelerate the utilization of low-quality coal, improve the level of coal purity, and comprehensively improve the quality of coal supply. The inclusion of 100 million tons of raw coal can reduce SO2 emission by 1 million tons ~ 1.5 million tons; The coal ash for power generation is reduced by 1%, and the standard coal consumption of electricity is reduced by 2 grams ~ 5 grams, which can reduce CO2 emission by about 1500000 tons ~ 37.5 million tons per year. According to jie match degree of the coal quality and meet the requirements of coal with coal equipment, increased by 1% per one hundred million tons of standard coal clean degree, can save 170000 tons of standard coal, about 11000 tons of SO2 emissions, about 380000 tons of CO2 emissions. At present, China's commodity coal is about 25%, compared with 60% in America. We should adjust and optimize the coal consumption structure, improve the level of coal cleaning, and realize the clean and efficient use of coal. In 2020, the proportion of clean coal and coal in coal is up to 42%, the rate of dynamic coal is 70%, the proportion of coal quality processing is 70%, and the proportion of coal consumption in coal accounts for more than 55%. In 2030, the proportion of clean coal and coal in the coal industry has reached 54% and the power distribution of coal is basically refined and the proportion of coal quality processing is 80%, and the proportion of coal consumption in coal accounts for 60%.

Third, actively promote the high parameter and eliminating low parameters of small units, advanced power generation technology promote the efficient clean coal power generation technology research and development and engineering demonstration, speed up the development of coal pollution control technology and greenhouse gas emission reduction technology, enhance the level of coal as a whole.

Advanced coal-fired power generation technologies such as China supercritical and circulating fluidized beds have reached the advanced level of the world, but the ratio of low capacity and low parameter boilers is high, which affects the overall efficiency of coal generation. We should implement the strategy of coal power upgrading, accelerate the transformation of coal power generation industry from local leading to overall energy conservation and environmental protection. In order to lead with the advanced and efficient clean coal power technology, the ratio of supercritical coal-fired units and the reasonable configuration of the peak unit will be further strengthened to ensure the efficient operation of high-parameter units. In the area with high coal variety and high quality coal, high parameter, high reliability, low plant electricity rate and ultra-low emission supercritical circulating fluidized bed boiler are applied and promoted. Actively promote the cogeneration, scientific planning and construction of large capacity thermal power units. By 2020, the proportion of supercritical combustion units will exceed 40%, and the average coal consumption of coal-fired power units will be 310gce/kWh. By 2030, the proportion of supercritical combustion units is 60 percent, and the average coal consumption is 300 gce/kWh. For higher parameters of ultra supercritical thermal power technology research and development input, actively develop secondary reheat, 600 ℃ ultra-supercritical unit, 700 ℃ ultra-supercritical unit through research and development, master the independent intellectual property rights and equipment design and manufacturing capabilities, to build demonstration power plant. We will actively promote the development and application of new technologies and technologies for resource conservation and environmental protection, and apply advanced technologies to transform existing desulfurization, denitration and dust removal devices. The development of oxygen-enriched combustion and large-scale coal gasification technology provides technical guarantee for the reduction of coal and electric carbon dioxide. Develop low cost and low energy technology and carry out engineering demonstration.

Fourth, promote the development of modern coal and chemical industry, optimize the structure and development of coal chemical industry, build and cultivate coal base multigeneration related industries, and promote the transformation and upgrading of coal in an orderly manner. According to "independent innovation, the key breakthrough, rational layout, diversified development" principle, steadily promote the development of coal conversion point by the traditional chemical products to the production of low added value to produce oil alternative products of modern coal chemical industry shift, alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of domestic oil diversification. Combining with the domestic coal direct liquefaction and indirect liquefaction of coal, coal to olefin coal, coal methane, ethylene glycol, aromatic hydrocarbons and other modern coal chemical large-scale industrialization demonstration results, relying on coal production base of national level of large-scale coal chemical demonstration garden planning. We will energetically promote the large-scale, industrial and local development of coal chemical industry. Overall consideration coal reserves and reserve-production ratio, self-sufficiency, factors such as water and environment capacity, preferred in Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, shaanxi and other provinces and regions to develop modern coal chemical industry, strictly limited in net coal transfer into region lack of water resources and development of coal chemical industry. Innovation and optimization of coal Quito co-generation unit technology and integration technology, carry out demonstration unit technology, strive for 2020 years ago, around 10 sets of different paths of coal Quito co-generation system demonstration, lay solid foundation for power plant technology industrialization.

Fifth, we should stick to the coal transmission line, accelerate the construction of railway transport channels and transmission channels, strengthen the construction of coal storage and distribution bases, and optimize the coal transport model.

Under the condition of the existing economic and technical level, coal transmission comprehensive balance in about 1800 km to 2000 km, must according to the conveying efficiency, cost, energy flow, the environment, water and land resources factors comprehensive decision-making. The coal bases of shanxi, mengxi and ningxia are close to the central eastern load center, and the transmission has certain advantages, and the coal transmission should be considered. The xinjiang region carries out the long term coal transport, and the recent transmission of coal transmission and transmission, and the strategy of transporting coal chemical, coal oil and methane. We will speed up the construction of east China's ningdong province, which will send zhejiang and sichuang to jiangsu, and the Inner Mongolia Shanghai temple to the shandong and other power transmission channels. We will speed up the construction of the "west coal east transport" corridor and direct central and southern China, direct to east China and through sichuan and chongqing. In 2020, the proportion of coal transmission transmission in main producing areas will be adjusted to 3:1 ~ 5:1. In accordance with the principle of "store with combination of emergency guarantee", in the areas along the Yangtze river, the river and along the canal, establish a set of storage, processing, logistics, distribution, and other functions in the integration of coal reservoir distribution base, improve coal emergency support capability.

Sixth, speed up transformation of coal development and utilization way by reversed transmission mechanism, accelerate the development of the key coal consumption industry whole process pollution control technology, the key comprehensive mining coal industry technology energy saving potential, strengthen the coal industry energy conservation and emissions reduction. To strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction in coal exploitation and utilization is a necessary means to realize the clean and efficient use of coal, and also an important guarantee for the sustainable development and utilization of coal. The efficiency of China's unit energy output and the world average level still have a big gap, energy saving is more priority energy than development, we must advocate the concept of energy conservation, and pay more attention to the application of terminal energy. Initially, the application will save 1 ton of standard coal, equivalent to 3 tons of standard coal. In areas with high coal consumption intensity and serious air pollution, the total amount of coal consumption in the region is controlled. Actively promote the low cost, low energy consumption and low emission production of high coal consumption industries such as power, steel, building materials, chemical industry, non-ferrous metal, papermaking and textile. We attach great importance to the control and carbon emission reduction of coal use, and strengthen the development and application of carbon emission reduction technologies and other pollution control technologies.

Seventh, advance the frontier basic research, actively carry out key technologies and key equipment research and development and core technical engineering demonstration to enhance coal science and technology innovation capability. We will accelerate the establishment of a science and technology support system for clean, efficient and sustainable development of coal, and strive to make our country's coal science and technology independent innovation and technological equipment reach the advanced level of the world within 10 to 20 years. Implement coal clean and efficient exploitation and utilization of major projects, key breakthrough coal resources exploration, safe and effective green development, coal quality, advanced coal combustion and gasification, advanced modern coal chemical industry, power transmission, a number of core technologies such as coal pollution control and energy saving, and breakthrough of a batch of complete sets of equipment. We will actively follow the progress of world coal technology, vigorously strengthen international cooperation in coal technology, and promote the integration and optimization of innovative technologies.