Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. Will attend the 4th China international conference on biomass Energy
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Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. Will attend the 4th China international bio-energy industry conference in Shanghai on November 27. Please visit the New and old customers!

4th China international conference on biomass energy industry in order to strengthen the biomass energy technology exchanges and cooperation, to better promote the development of biomass energy industry and the progress of science and technology, the biomass branch by the Chinese renewable energy society, China's low carbon industry association, China's rural energy industry association, the biomass branch of the Chinese forestry society, Chinese society for composite materials, China biomass energy grid and clean energy network launched "biomass Bioenergy China 2013 international exhibition" held by the 4th China international biomass industry convention and exhibition, the exhibition of products with the latest technology in the field of biomass at the same time, will be around the biomass of the latest policy guidance and market applications and the latest technological achievements and development trend, an in-depth discussion and the exchange, a living substance manufacture-learning-research cooperation, market promotion and application of the energy industry to build important cooperation platform and channel. At the same time we will hold a "Bioenergy China2013 biomass international conference and exhibition", published 2013 biomass industry innovation enterprise top 50 list released and awards, and organize "Wind Wind Power 2013 world exhibition", 2013, Wind Power industry innovation enterprise top 50 list released and awards. We warmly welcome the active participation and cooperation of products and technology suppliers engaged in new energy and related industrial chain.

The BBS will be attended by participants from 8 countries and regions, 120 exhibitors, 10,000 square meters of exhibition area and 16,000 professional visitors. This is an international event, this conference is also on the biomass industry brand, creating a global living material industry development and application of new products, new technologies to provide quality and efficient communication platform, to better promote the development of biomass energy industry and the progress of science and technology.

Expert swarm, cause the peak thought to collide

The expert viewpoint, represents the latest development of the industry, the forefront thought. This meeting is to invite guests for the national energy administration of new energy and renewable energy division deputy director Shi Lishan, slurry sampling, deputy director of the state forestry administration, li xing, the state forestry administration, forestry department commissioner of biomass energy, xiao-hua wang, the national development and reform commission energy research institute researcher Qin Shiping, counselor, chairman of the China renewable energy society and the state council Shi Dinghuan, biomass energy professional committee of China renewable energy society, secretary general of the yuan, China's rural biomass energy industry association branch of senior engineer ming-song xiao, cas guangzhou director wu chong by energy, biomass energy in the world association chairman, Dr. Heinz Kopetz, DSM bio-based products and services, global vice President Steve Hartig and other well-known experts at home and abroad. It will be a great benefit to believe that they will give a wonderful speech at the conference.

The most valuable topics capture the frontier information of biomass energy

This issue, there are macro development strategy, such as "the world's biomass energy development and utilization status, and policy environment", "China's biomass tax subsidies and other related policy analysis", "the development of alternative energy technologies of biomass policy", "can experience and environmental assessment", etc.; In addition, the general assembly has divided the biomass conference into three major sectors: the special field of bio-fuels, the special field of biomass power generation, and the waste field. Every issue is after repeated market investigation and expert consultation, will be the most in line with market frontiers in biomass, core buyers care about most, the most discussion of the value of the issue together, collision sparks of spirit, for everybody to discuss the future development strategy of biomass. Each topic is subdivided into small modules, such as the application of biomass power generation to direct combustion technology, biogas power generation, biomass gasification generation, and hybrid combustion power generation. Authoritative expert, industry elite depth analysis, let you know the latest hot spot and trend of the biomass industry.

"Will + exhibition" highlights academic and industry zero distance

In order to create more brand display to the attending enterprises, in the first session of "+" exhibition at the conference mode on the basis of the success of the further exhibition scale, provide enterprises with outstanding products and cutting-edge technology platform for the display, and setting up business negotiations, convenient business flow with customers for further negotiations. There will be more than 120 exhibitors of the biomass industry to present their latest technologies, latest products and latest solutions to biomass energy.

Biomass, as it were, conference and exhibition site, is not only the rich class, also can saying is the epitome of industry, you will see here country recently for the construction of the smart grid dynamics and technological achievements.

Based on the industry, "BE TOP50" helps promote innovation in the industry

At the conference of China international conference on biomass energy, there is also a weightier link -- the 2013 list of the top 50 innovation companies and the award presentation ceremony. BIO plunged, WP plunged "adhering to the principle of encouraging innovation, promoting the development of the industry, follow the principle of scientific, open, fair and transparent, through layers of screening and evaluation, innovation" 2013 top 50 enterprises "and its award" innovation "award," innovation award ", "innovation contest" list will be the fourth China international congress of biomass energy industry, was at the scene.