How does Dizhonghai new energy shape its brand image
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Global competition in the twenty-first century s to create international brand is the only way to participate in world competition brand would lead the market direction to help enterprises in the surging sea navigation to correctly on the other side of success brand will drive enterprise's management strategy effectively to optimize resources configuration to focus on building strong brands. As a real brand image is indispensable and image is the brand's "face".

Brand is the real embodiment of the value of enterprise assets. Dizhonghai new energy knows that the brand is the true embodiment of the value of the enterprise's assets, and creating a brand is undoubtedly the only way to compete. The success of brand positioning is only the first step for enterprises to build a brand. The company has chosen the direction of success.

Dizhonghai new energy to keep pace with The Times, is now growing WeChat customers, new energy established dizhonghai dizhonghai WeChat public platform to promote dizhonghai products, dizhonghai WeChat ID: dizhonhaiguolu1997, the following is a dizhonghai boiler WeChat public platform qr code dizhonghai new energy is how to shape their own brand image.

Dizhonghai new energy equipment co., LTD has its own set of VIS design, to create their own brand of boiler, the enterprise brand, product packaging, stores, advertising has a professional design, such as the following figure:

Dizhonghai new energy in taizhou have their own flagship store, flagship store all of them are carried out in accordance with the dizhonghaiVIS design to decorate, boiler shows dizhonghai new energy production by the excellent products, for dizhonghai new energy on the part of a brand.

In 2014, dizhonghai new energy will be built into two factories in lishui. The second plant has been completed in advance and will be put into production on February 20, 2014. This is the second plant of dizhonghai lishui.

Dizhonghai lishui no.1 production area has completed 3 workshops in 2013:

Dizhonghai new energy will always be a strong supporter of customers! Dizhonghai new energy strives to create "China green boiler first brand" enterprise goal!

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