The powerful productivity of dizhonghai boiler is the strong backing of dealers
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The headquarters of Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. Has been moved to no.79 tongji street, lishui economic development zone!

Zhejiang lishui economic development zone as the provincial economic development zone, established in 1993, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) in 12 2005 audit, subordinate ShuiGe industrial zone, located in the southwest of zhejiang lishui south central cities, lishui exit jinjiwen expressway.

ShuiGe industrial park planning area of 14.4 square kilometers, from March 2002 to start the development, make full use of the gentle slope hills form the industrial land, has implemented "seven-provided and one leveled", is to improve the logistics center, business center, schools, hospitals, hotels, customs and other supporting facilities, to zhejiang southwest center city industrial park construction function.

So far, the development zone has been the introduction of 347 enterprises in the park, 289 completed and put into operation enterprises, initially formed plastic products, machinery manufacturing, auto parts, biological pharmaceutical industry agglomeration, the in-depth development of recycle economy, and was awarded the title of "advanced synthetic leather circular economy demonstration base in China". In 2007, the total output value of the industry reached 10.397 billion yuan, and the annual output value of the enterprise was 43, which has doubled since the development and construction. The development zone is rapidly forming the advanced manufacturing base of lishui and the industrial functional area of the southwest of zhejiang province.

The company mainly produces energy-saving and environmental protection biomass boiler, steam generator, air source heat pump water heater and other new energy environmental products. The company has more than 30 senior technical staff and senior management personnel, and is a professional team with independent research and development capability. The company has a series of more than 70 varieties of the top 5 series of furnace products, and the air source heat pump water heater has two series of 20 varieties. Products are widely used in enterprises, clothing, electroplating, chemical industry, hotel, hotel, beauty salon, bathroom, sauna, leisure club, providing steam, hot water and heating. The product has won dozens of patents in the country. Users throughout the country. Company introduced the world's most advanced robotic equipment production lines, in combination with shear plate, plate, welding, assembly and water test, the five process layout, to build the global standard factory "industry" as the goal. The company has invested in the advanced research and development center of the facility and the research and development of the workshop, etc., which can realize the annual production of 20, 000 biomass steam generators.

The raw material steam generator developed by the company is sold all over the country, suitable for the ironing, electroplating heating, chemical processing, food processing, school, hospital, hotel, hotel, etc. It has many functions of sterilization, drying, cooking and heating. High efficiency and energy saving: the steam generator adopts the most advanced all the way of positive pressure combustion, unique primary air, secondary air combustion heating configuration, make the fuel burn completely, boiler body multipass arrangement, compact structure, and plenty of heating surface, booster vapor extremely fast; The new type of fireproof material is used in the furnace, which can prolong the life of the body.

Safe and reliable: boiler adopts automatic microcomputer control system, automatic control, equipment operation chain with overpressure and water protection, biomass feeding system adopts flat into and oblique blanking the design concept of combining eliminated biomass burning fuel combustion phenomenon back, really achieve the safety control the security of ontology and combustion system control of double insurance.

With delicate: due to constant innovation and improvement to strengthen the practicability of the products, the modelling is novel, especially based, easy installation, small volume, no product shape beauty, color soft, and the environment coordinated, full of artistic feeling.

Fuel: widely used for combustion of biomass materials can use local materials, solid biomass fuel molding is the use of sawdust, branches, sawdust, clumps, slab and frustum, fruit husk, straw, rice straw, cow dung after mechanical processing such as waste output has rules in the shape of granule, bar or block of the fuel, low cost and wide source.

Durable: the design is meticulous, the selection material is strict, the high pay technique is carefully produced, has the best anticorrosion, durability and robustness.

Recently, the company's technology department designed a new water curtain dust collector, which solved the problem of excessive dust in the working environment of the steam generator in the clothing factory.

Company working environment standardization management, cutting, welding, testing the waters, assembling, debugging regional division of labor clear, brought to manage the company introduces the EPR system, each product has its own identity number, according to the product number can be traced back to the welding, assembly and debugging of each link, counterfeits of the dizhonghai boiler can prevent other enterprises, have very good protection effect to dealers, products from ping an insurance, property safety to customers and dealers economy has great security! The production environment of the company is first-rate, one factory area 30 mu, two factory area 15 mu!