Dizhonghai fuel gas vacuum boiler characteristics - what is a vacuum boiler
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Main features of Dizhonghai vacuum hot water boiler

The so-called dizhonghai vacuum hot water boiler, also known as dizhonghai vacuum phase change hot water boiler. It means that the internal medium pressure of the boiler is lower than atmospheric pressure during normal working, and the boiler of cold water is heated by means of phase transformation.

1. No installation monitoring is required; installation can be used;

2. Multi-purpose and save investment;

No corrosion (in a vacuum without oxygen), no cracks, no scars, no detonation, long life (not less than 20 years according to the minimum service life);

Low failure rate and management expenses;

Lower than atmospheric pressure, high safety performance;

6. Use copper tubes, stainless steel tubes for heat exchange and hot water cleaning;

The temperature is lower than the ordinary boiler, the heat exchange temperature is high, the boiler is high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection;

The automatic control of the microcomputer is high.

Dizhonghai vacuum hot water boiler price

Although dizhonghai vacuum boiler host prices higher than ordinary hot water boiler, but USES the vacuum hot water boiler can save a lot of auxiliary investment: plate heat exchanger, displacement heat exchanger, a circulating pump, soft water treatment equipment and the expansion water tank, etc., can also save the corresponding pipe installation and auxiliary power ZengRongFei, systems and control, etc., comprehensive investment or is lower than the common hot water boiler system. And the service life is 4~6 times of normal pressure boiler, so it is very economical to invest in heating equipment.

Traditional boilers have their own Achilles' heel and decide their service life is not long. To solve the Achilles' heel of affecting the service life of traditional boiler, vacuum hot water boiler adopts special vacuum pump of vacuum sealed tanks boiler forced extraction, forming a vacuum, not exposed to air, no oxygen corrosion forever. The boiler heats the external hot water through the heat exchanger, the furnace, the smoke pipe is only in contact with the hot water, completely eliminates the production of the scale, can maintain the high efficient operation in the long years; The circulating water of the system is not mixed with the heat medium water of the boiler, the smoke is stable, no condensate is produced, the condensation corrosion phenomenon is completely solved, and the life of the boiler is greatly extended. Vacuum hot water boiler is more than 20 years old.

With the improvement of people's living standard, there will be a great increase in the consumption of hot water, and the gas-fired vacuum hot water boiler has a broad application prospect.

Dizhonghai vacuum boiler working principle

Under the pressure of the dizhonghai vacuum boiler, the heat generated by the fuel combustion increases the water temperature in the boiler to the saturated temperature and produces the same temperature of water vapor in the water. The water in the heat exchanger of the water vapor in the pipe heat exchanger is heated by the negative pressure steam outside the tube. The water vapor from the tube is cooled and condensed into water to drip back to the surface of the water, which is then heated to water vapor to complete the whole cycle.

The dizhonghai vacuum hot water boiler adopts indirect heating method, which USES the water to lower the boiling point in the vacuum, and then heats the heat medium water by using the flue gas - boiler water vapor. Steam heat medium water connected to the terminal equipment of independent stainless steel tube heat exchanger can withstand high water level of the static pressure of water system, therefore, can be installed in the ground or the basement of the boiler, the water pump driven by the high-rise building heating or hot water for health. The hot water in the pipeline is used only as a heat carrier, so the consumption is very little.

Structure of vacuum boiler

Dizhonghai vacuum hot water boiler furnace is divided into two parts, in which the lower half structure is similar to the heating surface of boiler shell steam boiler, which is the composition of furnace and flue. The upper part is the vacuum chamber (the vacuum chamber), and there is a tube - water heat exchanger in the space, which is used to heat the circulating water in the heat exchanger. Operating principle: the vacuum hot water boiler is running, under vacuum negative pressure furnace absorbed heat medium water inside the fuel combustion heat release, boiling vaporization for low temperature steam, low temperature steam rising in stainless steel heat exchanger in circulating water system, circulating water heating for the user or sanitary hot water for heating. The water vapor itself is cooled and condensed into water droplets that fall into the hot water and are heated again, completing the whole cycle. The constant flow of hot water in the enclosed body is a cycle of boiling == evaporation == The heat transfer coefficient is the highest in all heat transfer conditions.