Dizhonghai boiler produces water to ensure product quality
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Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., original Equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. Taizhou Dizhonghai heat, Dizhonghai boiler mainly produce the biomass boiler, gas boiler, vacuum green Energy sources such as boiler, electric boiler, the products are mainly used for enterprise, clothing, electroplating, chemical industry, hotels, hotels, beauty salon, bathroom, sauna, leisure clubs, provide hot water and steam heating.

Company introduced the world's most advanced robotic equipment production lines, in combination with shear plate, plate, welding, assembly and water test, the five process layout, to build the global standard factory "industry" as the goal. The company has invested in the advanced research and development center of the facility and the research and development of the workshop, etc., which can realize the annual production of 20, 000 biomass steam generators.

Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co., ltd. has set up a comprehensive quality assurance system and advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality testing methods to ensure the quality of the product. Quality is trustworthy!

The dizhonghai boiler adheres to the concept of "unlimited technology and exceeding infinite", so that the technology is at the forefront of production.

Never ungrateful dizhonghai boiler, the company's development cannot leave the staff's hard work, in the social public welfare undertakings, to defend the peace of weapons fire army sent caffeine arts, establishing cooperation between the units, YuShuiQing reflected between the project, and 5.12 for sichuan earthquake disaster area to send relief supplies nearly 300000 yuan, for local nursing homes, village poverty funds to send warm activity cumulative present donated funds and materials for more than 100 ten thousand yuan.

Vision - building the first brand of biomass boiler in China

Enterprise mission - to make outstanding contributions to the development of new energy and environmental protection

Core values of the enterprise - the technology is endless, beyond the infinite.