Maintenance of the Dizhonghai raw material steam generator
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The water scale is a warning to the steam generator of the harmful biomass steam generator

1. The water quality of the steam generator must conform to the requirements of the water supply in GB/T1576 "industrial boiler water quality";

Hardness/tendency/L) of 0.030 or less

PH 7.0 ~ 9.0 (25 ℃)

Dissolved oxygen a/(mg/L) is less than or equal to 0.01

Oil/(mg/L) of 2.0 or less

All iron/(mg/L) of 0.03 or less

Turbidity/FTU 5.0 or less

2. Unprocessed tap water and groundwater are strictly prohibited!

3. The water level meter shall be washed twice in each class, and the flushing water level shall keep the pressure not less than 0.2mpa!

4. The steam generator shall conduct 1 discharge per 4 hours, with each discharge 3~5 litres, and the pressure of pollution is less than 0.2mpa and > 0.1mpa!

5. The relief valve can be opened manually 1 time per shift, and the time of manual opening shall be no less than 3 seconds!

6. During the operation of the steam generator, there must be an operator circuit inspection, and the interval time shall not exceed half an hour!

7, steam generator per shift operation must be clean before each inspection door and ash on the fire grate, each running 40 ~ 50 hours of dust catcher, grey at the bottom of the box, the top of the economizer, and one, two return pipe

8. It is strictly forbidden to use straw to produce particles