Warmly celebrate our company through the occupational health and safety management system certification!
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What is occupational health and safety management system certification? Occupational Health and Safety Management System (Occupation Health Safety Management System. English abbreviated to "OHSMS") is in the world in the late 1980 s modern Safety production Management mode.The main cause of occupational health and safety management system is the requirement of enterprise development. With the expansion of enterprise scale and the improvement of production intensification, the quality management and operation mode of the enterprise have been raised higher. Enterprises must adopt modern management mode to make all production and operation activities, including safety production management, scientific, standardized and legalized.

An important cause of the occupational health and safety management system is the globalization of the world economy and the development of international trade. The most basic principle of WTO is "fair competition", which includes environmental and occupational health and safety issues. (GATT, the predecessor of the world trade organization) general agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT) Uruguay round agreements have been put forward: "countries should not caused by differences in codes and standards and non-tariff barriers and unfair trade, should try to adopt international standards". Developed countries such as the United States and the United States have proposed that less investment in improving labor conditions in developing countries and reducing their production costs will not be acceptable. They have begun to take concerted action to put pressure on developing countries and to impose restrictions. Both North America and Europe have agreed in the free trade zone agreement that "only countries with the same occupational health and safety standards can participate in international trade in trade zones." In other words, the products produced by companies in countries and regions without a unified occupational health standard will not be able to be sold in North America and Europe.

Our country has joined the world trade organization (WTO), enjoys in the international trade with other members of the same treatment, occupational health and safety of our country social and economic development potential and great influence. Therefore, we must vigorously promote the occupational health and safety management system in China.

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