Our company has led a visit to Taiwan to study robot equipment in lishui development zone
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Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. Has been to create "biomass boilers in China's first brand" as the vision, efforts to this goal of future, continuously introduce and develop advanced Equipment used to increase production of biomass steam generator.

Company in technology and with the cooperation of welding equipment production company, purchasing and develop a variety of suitable for our company improve the production efficiency of robot equipment, greatly improve the productivity of biomass steam generator. The goal of the annual production of 20,000 taiwan-born material steam generators is getting closer and closer.

The company has continuously improved and improved the technology, designed various products to improve the production efficiency, the product quality of the tooling and fixtures cooperated with production, and greatly improved the efficiency and product quality. The company's third biomass steam generator factory has been established, and now the company has three factories for production, and the output and quality are steadily improving. Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. Is always your strong backing.

The company also continuously goes to manufacturing enterprises developed industrial cities to visit, broaden the horizon, can better formulate the company's development strategy.

March 5 to 11, Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. Yellow, such as development zone enterprises with vice mayor, lishui ecological industrial concentration area, economic development zone management committee director Chen Jingfei inspection robot industry in Taiwan. Lishui city authorities and city robot industry alliance representatives participated in the inspection activities.

During the seven days of communication, the delegation has arrived in Taipei, taichung, and kaohsiung, changhua, hsinchu county (city), such as visiting Taiwan machinery industrial board of trade, machine tool exhibition in Taipei, and held with the Taiwan association of industrial robot robot industry development on both sides of the Taiwan straits started communication forums. Has obtained the expected effect, the activity of communication, has signed a cooperation agreement in item 2 and Taiwan from all walks of life in the robot industry development, cooperation, economic exchanges emerging industry platform construction, the agricultural product inspection test reached a cooperation agreement.

Machine tool exhibition in Taipei, the delegation in yongjin machinery, into Thai machinery enterprise stop to watch the wide variety of different kinds of robots and peripheral products, and carried on the thorough exchange with the enterprise, zero distance touch robot industry forefront artery. After that, the delegation visited Taiwan machinery industrial board of trade to Wang Zhengqing secretary-general in lishui after the introduction of general situation and development of robot industry in lishui in recent years the efforts in promoting the development of the industrial robot. He believes that the favorable ecological environment and investment environment of lishui is very suitable for the development of the robot industry, and the two sides have great cooperation space in the development of the robot industry. Conversation, Chen Jingfei hoped that both sides will further strengthen cooperation, enhance friendship, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, mechanical industrial board of trade and accept the invitation, the robot will organize enterprises to participate in the exhibition every year and all kinds of robot competitions innovation products.

In order to improve the comprehensive management service level of agglomeration area (development zone), the delegation visited the taibei lake technology industrial park, the southern port software industrial park and the xinzhu science and industrial park. Perfect supporting facilities, beautiful campus environment, effective working mechanism, advanced management level, the innovation of service concept and close collaboration between the delegation left a deep impression, especially to the production, life and ecology "grow" the operation mode of feeling quite a lot. In the seminar, then Chen Jingfei cross-strait science and technology exchange with Taiwan association for the advancement of Huang Fucong of in-depth exchanges, plotting leadtek industry cooperation platform and mechanism, promoting industry both in depth cooperation. The two sides agreed immediately in late march by the Taiwan exchange association for the advancement of science and technology, Taiwan and organize relevant personnel to lishui industrial development environment, and on the basis of sufficient demonstration, sign a cooperation framework agreement in mid-april.

Delegation also visited Taiwan special bicycle, then fly system automation, surplus Chang seiko companies such as career, visited Taiwan association of industrial robots, and communication on both sides of the robot industry development seminar. At the forum, Chen jingfei and members of the mission actively promoted lishui and invited Taiwanese robot enterprises to visit li. The chairman of the Taiwan association of industrial robots, Mr. Cochii, welcomed the invitation and tentatively agreed to a group visit this summer. The two sides also signed a memorandum of understanding on friendly cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan straits, establishing mutual exchange mechanisms for the research, development, application and training of the robot industry.

During the period of Taiwan, a delegation also visited Taipei city university of science and technology, cultural creative base, visited the museum, Taiwan robot met with minority exchange association in Taiwan, and cooperating with da-yeh university signed a framework agreement on both sides of the agricultural product inspection testing centers. There are some preliminary cooperation intentions with local industry associations and robot enterprises.