Russian clients have come to visit our company to discuss the ways of cooperation
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Extended a warm welcome to the Russian customer to my company and the inspection, the customers of our company biomass boiler, biomass steam generator and gas vacuum boiler, biomass boiler, vacuum to my company highly.

The Russian customer first came to our steam generator factory to know our biomass steam generator and participated in our production line.

My company's way of positive pressure combustion of biomass boiler from Russia customer recognition, I company way of positive pressure combustion thermal efficiency due to the unique way of air distribution is much higher than negative pressure boiler combustion of biomass, biomass steam generator igniting my company after 4 minutes boiler pressure can be up to 7 kg pressure, high thermal efficiency of positive pressure combustion enough to illustrate my company. The longer it takes to get from 0-7 kilograms of stress, the more fuel it consumes.

Dizhonghai biomass steam generator is your best choice.

Russia's gas resources are rich, my company production and research of fuel gas boiler from the factory, our company produces the vacuum boiler, maintenance is convenient, is becoming more and more advanced control system, are free to choose the water temperature, automatic vacuum, burning time recording and running fault, simple operation, can realize unmanned operation.

Customers to visit the production of vacuum boiler and finished goods, to my company vacuum boiler boiler maintenance design aspects, such as humanized design greatly, if choose and buy our vacuum boiler maintenance and overhaul will be more easily.

China sea boiler, biomass steam generator, biomass boiler, gas boiler are green environmental protection boiler, dizhonghai people to "build China green boiler first brand" continuous efforts!