The biomass boiler burns smoke
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Biomass granule, bituminous coal, wood fuel, not like anthracite, after treatment, fixed carbon content high, volatile production rate low combustion will not produce smoke. The biomass particles have in common with anthracite, with good quality is that they are both high density, high hardness, but on the volatiles and fixed carbon, biomass sawdust particles with lumber suppression and become, carbon content, less volatile.

Biomass pellet fuel high purity, excluding other stuff does not produce heat, the carbon content of 75-85%, ash in 3-6%, 1-3% moisture content, biomass pellet fuel at the time of ignition, particles in carbide slowly, incomplete combustion, water vapor, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides such as mixed flue gas, under the action of blast and ultra-competitive after the flue gas boiler flue and chimney discharged into the atmosphere, so we will see the smoke of the boiler.

When boiler endogenous substance particle combustion furnace temperature as high as 800-1000 degrees, is even higher, biomass particles in the water, ash and other volatiles, rapid carbonization at high temperature burning, flammable hydrocarbons such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides with oxygen fully on time into combustion gas, the impurity in the black smoke temperature has been burned up, so you can't see the black smoke, this is everybody says don't smoke.

There are many reasons for black smoke in biomass boiler furnace:

1. Poor quality of biomass particles with more impurities;

2. The boiler feed is too fast and the combustion is insufficient;

3. Did not clean the furnace ash;

4. Long use time, the smoke tube is blocked;

5. The chimney installation is not reasonable and the flue resistance is large.