Selection of home heating electric boiler.
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The home heating area is 200 square meters, how should choose electric boiler? According to the arrangement of the data, we have listed the heating area and power ratio below for your reference.

The 100 square meter heating area is about 10kw electric boiler. If the home heating facilities are good, choose 8kw electric boiler.

Based on the above calculation, we can find that almost every 1kw electric boiler can increase the heating area of 10 square meters. So you know how to choose the size of the electric boiler, and you can calculate the electricity bill, which is generally calculated. Mediterranean electric boiler using constant temperature technology, indoor temperature is calculated on 18 degrees, the whole heating period 120 days, the electric boiler load running time (7-8 hours a day (temperature 18 degrees, according to electric boiler temperature automatically to reduce the output power, an average of around 2-2.3 KWH per hour).

According to the above situation, a square meter of electric heating operation costs can be calculated according to the following formula:

Heat load per unit area by heat load coefficient * heating period days * working time a day electricity price = the whole heating period heating costs per unit area (0.06 kw/m2 * 120 days * 0.5 * 0.8 * 8 hour RMB yuan/c = 23.0.4 m2).