The best use of electric boilers
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Electric boiler is why should be equipped with soft water machine, because electric boiler is electric boiler is heating equipment, heat conversion efficiency directly affects the quality of electric boiler. And good electric boilers will be affected by water quality.

The design service life of electric heating boiler is 10 to 15 years, it is a lot of factors to decide the actual life is not used. Electric boiler belongs to precision instrument, if we can carry out effective scientific maintenance, can greatly extend the service life.

People know that if the home water is too hard, it is very easy to produce scale. In particular, in hot water, the accumulation of scale will be attached to the inner layer of the heat exchanger and the channel line, resulting in low and even destruction of the heat exchange efficiency of the electric heating boiler. The thickening of the scale, the heat exchanger pipe will become narrower, the water flow will decrease, will cause the pressure of the pump. The next problem is the increase in gas consumption of electric heating boilers, hot water, hot water, reduced water volume and slow heat. So how does this work? Our suggestion is that it is best equipped with a soft water machine.