Biomass boilers are highly efficient and environmentally friendly, which is your wise choice
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Fuel supply

The fuel of the boiler is BMF fuel, and the fuel is fed into the top bin of the furnace by the feeding machine, and then it is fed into the furnace by the screw feeder and is distributed uniformly on the grate.

The combustion process

The fuel is fed into the furnace by the screw feeder, which is heated by the high temperature flue gas and the effect of a wind, which is drying, burning, and burning. After the main heating surface of the high-temperature flue gas scour boiler, it enters the heating surface economizer and air preheater in the rear of the boiler, then goes into the dust collector, and finally enters the atmosphere through the chimney. The ungasified fuel moves towards the back of the grate until it is burnt out, and the remaining bits of ash fall into the slag at the back of the grate.

Environmental emissions

The ash produced by BMF burns about 1.5% of the fuel, so as to facilitate the discharge of ash, the rear of the boiler is equipped with a screw-out slag machine to realize continuous clean ash. The rear flue of the boiler is equipped with a dust catcher to ensure that the smoke emission meets the environmental requirements.

Boiler efficiency

Biomass boilers are generally more than 80% efficient, and the boilers are larger and burn better, and the boiler is more efficient. The highest is 88.3%, 15% higher than the average efficiency of coal-fired boilers.