The phenomena, causes, treatment and preventive measures of sodas
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These days, some customers asked about the problem of soda. We have compiled the following information for your discussion. If your friends have different opinions, please feel free to ask!

Soda teng, refers to the boiler operation, because the steam flow rate suddenly increased and the combustion heat release too late in the hearth, a sharp drop in pressure in drum, resulting in evaporation duct and steam content in the boiler water volume has increased dramatically. At this point, the evaporating surface (water) soda rises together, creating a lot of bubbles and churning up and down. There is also a bubble in the water table, the water level fluctuates sharply, and the soda line is difficult to distinguish. The temperature of superheated steam drops sharply; In severe cases, water shock occurs in the steam pipe. Soda, teng occurs, is difficult to monitor the water level, can make the steam with water, lower the quality of steam, superheater, if any, will overheat the superheater fouling, serious when pipe explosion accident, affect the safe operation of equipment.

The phenomenon and judgment of the co-occurrence of sodas:

(1) there is water impact in the main steam pipe and leakage leakage occurs at the flange joint.

(2) the temperature of the superheater drops sharply;

(3) the water level in the water level is fluctuating violently, and there are lots of bubbles and bubbles, and the water level is not clear;

(4) the moisture and salt content of the steam increased rapidly.

Phenomena 1 and 2 are sometimes the same as those of boiler full water accidents, and further confirmation should be carried out through the third and fourth phenomena to avoid misjudgment.

Analysis of the causes of sodas:

(1) the water quality of the furnace is poor, and there is too much oil, sodas or salinity and suspended impurities;

(2) improper installation of surface discharge equipment, no effective sewage discharge, too long interval and insufficient discharge;

(3) the load is unstable or overloading for a long time;

(4) the vapor pressure is higher than the pressure in the steam pipe.

The deterioration of the water quality of the furnace and the poor performance of the sewage system are the direct causes of the co-occurrence of the soda, and the others are the indirect causes.

Emergency treatment for sodas:

(1) continuous blowdown valve fully open, open emergency water drain valve of the boiler (without this valve should be open the drain valve) on a regular basis, net put foam on the surface of the drum in the inland waters, strengthen water supply at the same time, reduce the boiler water salinity, and should prevent the water level is too low;

(2) open the steam trap on the superheater and steam pipe;

(3) reduce load and maintain relative stability;

(4) after processing, the drain valve and trap shall be closed and the water level meter shall be flushed;

(5) if the solution is taken in the furnace, the medicine should be stopped immediately.

Preventive measures for sodas:

(1) the water treatment personnel shall take effective measures to improve the quality of the furnace water and increase the number of tests on the furnace water properly; And should improve the professional technical level;

(2) the fireman shall strictly implement the system for the supervision of sewage and regular discharge of water quality inspectors;

(3) the main steam valve should be opened slowly and should not be too fast, and the steam pressure should be lower than that of the parent pipe;

(4) the load should be stable;

(5) boilers should be cooked before the new installation or stop time.

In a word, the common problems in boiler production and operation of steam boilers are common problems, which not only threaten the safe operation of boiler and steam pipeline, but also affect the normal production. Therefore boiler use units should strengthen the use of management, especially boiler water treatment supervision and management, prevent such accidents.

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