Warmly celebrate our company's participation in the 19th Qingdao sewing equipment
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On July 29, dizhonghai biomass steam generator, burning alcohol fuel/oil/gas steam generator strong in energy conservation and environmental protection products such as in shandong province by the China council for the promotion of international trade commission, the China international chamber of commerce chamber of commerce in shandong, shandong textile and garment industry association, Qingdao textile and garment industry association of the 19th Qingdao sewing equipment exhibition.

During the exhibition, there was an endless stream of visitors to our company's exhibition. The customers who visit our company are very appreciative of the products such as steam generator, fuel generator steam generator and so on. The production concept of dizhonghai boiler huang dong is that the product should be refined both internally and externally. The product quality is the lifeblood of the company, and technological improvement and innovation are the driving force of the company. The customer looked at the biomass boiler produced by our company, and many customers went back to promote the distribution of our boiler products.

Dizhonghai biomass steam generator and fuel/gas steam generator boiler are displayed. The model of biomass steam generator produced by our company is 80kg, 100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg and 700kg. Our steam generator features: complete and complete.

Safe and reliable

Boiler using automatic microcomputer control system, automatic control, equipment operation chain with overpressure and water protection, biomass feeding system adopts the design concept of rotating disk oblique feeding, eliminate the biomass burning fuel combustion phenomenon back, really achieve the safety control the security of ontology and combustion system control of double insurance.

High efficiency and energy saving

The steam generator adopts the most advanced all the way of positive pressure combustion, a unique wind, secondary air combustion heating configuration, make the fuel burn completely, boiler body return to decorate, more compact structure, heating surface is enough, steam booster out very fast; It is the latest energy-saving and energy-saving product to choose new refractory materials, strengthen combustion and extend the life of the body.

With delicate

Because of continuous innovation and improvement to strengthen the practicability of the products, modelling is novel, especially based, easy installation, small volume, no product shape beauty, color soft, coordinated with the environment, rich sense of art.

Biomass steam generator customers see our company presentation, simple and convenient operation, many distribution of biomass boiler users through introducing the we all say we biomass steam generator of reasonable structure, easy to soot cleaning, maintenance is simple, the speed of gas and steam venting effect is very good.