Lishui college student internship team came to our company to visit and study
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On Wednesday, June 27, 2017 afternoon, in order to know more about business and employment direction, guided to visit lishui outstanding enterprises, understand the purpose of visit, lishui college teacher with a group of young students came to visit our company. The company led the reception and took the teachers and students to visit the production workshop.

Well is the guarantee of production safety and the safety measures is the most basic conditions of production safety in production area must wear safety helmet, boiler is Mediterranean every employee must abide by the rules of the system. Students enter the Mediterranean boiler production workshop, becoming a member of the Mediterranean workshop, and the safety must be put on the safety helmet.

The leadership of the company leads these young and energetic students to visit and study the standardized production process of Mediterranean boiler and Mediterranean biomass steam generator. Students visited my company assembly workshop, first by huang total site on the Mediterranean Sea boiler product design and production process, and lead you into the production workshop, field observation production process, understand the production process and technology level. During the company visit, the students carefully observed and asked questions, and the staff of our company answered the questions in combination with relevant professional knowledge.

The lishui college students study Tours, the company has standard production environment not only for students to set up a good learning platform, strengthens the student to the theory knowledge understanding of the importance of combining with working practice, the more enhanced lishui college with my company's communication and the exchange, the students took to the social employment offer to help in the future, let students understand the enterprise, better in-depth enterprise, provides the students to become professional managers.

The Mediterranean steam generator has biomass steam generator, fuel oil/fuel/gas steam generator, electric steam generator, and complete product range. Biomass steam generator in the Mediterranean, widely used, the textile industry, food machinery industry, chemical industry, packaging machinery industry, automobile steam cleaning industry, bamboo and wood products industry, hotels, hotels, schools, enterprises and steam and hot water supply.