Our company participates in the 19th (Qingdao) international sewing equipment exhibition
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Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. Participated in the 19th (Qingdao) international sewing Equipment exhibition in 2017 and welcomed the New and old customers to visit. Our company's excellent biomass steam generator, fuel/gas steam generator series is shown in the exhibition.

Application scope:

1. Textile industry: shrinkage machine, dry cleaning machine, dryer, washing machine, dewatering machine, printing, ironing machine, iron and other equipment.

2. Food machinery industry: steam box, tofu machine, sterilization tank, packaging machine, coating equipment, sealing machine and other equipment.

3. Biological chemical industry: fermentation tank reaction kettle, sandwich pan, mixer, emulsifier, electroplating bath heating, etc.

4. Packaging machinery industry: labeling machine, set standard machine, etc.

5. Other industries: automobile steam cleaning industry, hotels, hotels, schools, enterprises and other hot water supply, Bridges, railway concrete curing, etc.

[exhibition time]

The 2017-06-29-2017-06-29

Booth no. : 4-c39.

[exhibition city]

China - shandong - Qingdao international convention and exhibition center.

[exhibition content]

Sewing machinery and equipment: all kinds of sewing machines, sewing machines, sewing machines, sewing machine parts, etc.

Computer embroidery machine, quilting equipment, knitting equipment, laser equipment, ultrasonic equipment, printing equipment, etc.

※ clothing production control and conveying equipment, computer aided equipment, typing and plate making system, etc.

Washing equipment, oil pollution cleaning equipment, lubricating oil, detergent and so on.

※ distribution logistics: packaging equipment, raw material transmission equipment and system, automatic storage system, etc.

※ information media organizations and related publications.