Our company participates in the 10th China boiler fair
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Time: 2016/4/26-- 2016/4/28.

Exhibition hall: langfang international conference and exhibition center, the middle section of friendship road, langfang economic and technological development zone, hebei province.

Exhibition city: hebei | langfang city.

Organizer: hebei provincial department of environmental protection, hebei industry and information technology department, hebei province, the people's government of langfang city.

Exhibition area: 11,930 square meters.

Exhibition hall: hall B,

Main exhibitions: energy-saving and environmental protection boilers, biomass boilers, biomass steam generators, biomass hot water boilers, oil-fired hot water and steam boilers, electric boilers and other clean environmental boilers.

On April 26, dizhonghai biomass steam generator, hot water boiler energy conservation and environmental protection products such as strong in biomass by environmental protection bureau, ministry of industry and information technology in hebei province, hebei province hall, sponsored by the ccpit, langfang city, hebei province people's government of clean energy boiler replacement and energy-saving renovation technology exposition (furnace).

The chairman of our company, huang quan, li Juan, song yongchao, Yang jie, Chen tingcai, zhu huangfei, huang guanghua and longagin represent dizhonghai boiler.

During the exhibition, there was an endless stream of visitors to our company's exhibition. The customers who visit our company are very appreciative of the appearance and quality of the products produced by our company. The production concept of dizhonghai boiler huang dong is that the product should be refined both internally and externally. The product quality is the lifeblood of the company, and technological improvement and innovation are the driving force of the company. The customer looked at the biomass boiler produced by our company, and many customers went back to promote the distribution of our boiler products.

The dizhonghai biomass steam generator and the new biomass hot water boiler are displayed in the demonstration area. Many boiler factories have demonstrated in the exhibition, customers can directly compare the boiler product quality and the amount of evaporation. The model of biomass steam generator produced by our company is 80kg, 100kg, 150kg and 200kg. 250 kg, complete model. Our steam generator features: complete and complete.

High efficiency and energy saving: the steam generator adopts the most advanced all the way of positive pressure combustion, unique primary air, secondary air combustion heating configuration, make the fuel burn completely, boiler body multipass arrangement, compact structure, and plenty of heating surface, booster vapor extremely fast; It is the latest energy-saving and energy-saving product to choose new refractory materials, strengthen combustion and extend the life of the body.

Safe and reliable: boiler adopts automatic microcomputer control system, automatic control, equipment operation chain with overpressure and water protection, biomass feeding system adopts the design concept of rotating disk oblique feeding, eliminated the biomass burning fuel combustion phenomenon back, really achieve the safety control the security of ontology and combustion system control of double insurance.

With delicate: due to constant innovation and improvement to strengthen the practicability of the products, the modelling is novel, especially based, easy installation, small volume, no product shape beauty, color soft, and the environment coordinated, full of artistic feeling.

Biomass steam generator customers see our company presentation, simple and convenient operation, many distribution of biomass boiler users through introducing the we all say we biomass steam generator of reasonable structure, easy to soot cleaning, maintenance is simple, the speed of gas and steam venting effect is very good.

My company was founded in 1997, specializing in the production and sales of boiler, the company is approved by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine B class boiler manufacturing enterprise, is the "twelfth five-year" national science and technology plan to undertake unit, have the professional team of boiler manufacture, each welder has a large industrial boiler welder certificate. Dizhonghai boilers standardized production management and professional manufacturing team, manufacture first-class biomass boilers, and build first-class biomass boiler quality.

Furnace exposition on the theme of sustainable development, the rise of green, with "service supply and demand, enhance the level of comprehensive environmental management" for the purpose, in order to solve environmental pollution problems in our province as the main line, with "a high standard of exhibition, high-level professional BBS" as the carrier. My company has been to "create the first brand green boiler products" as the goal, has invested heavily to perfect and improve the biomass boiler structure makes efforts to reach the first-tier cities nitrogen oxides on nox emission standards, achieve low nitrogen emissions.