Warmly welcome the chairman of hangzhou boiler industrial boiler ye guohua to visit our company for inspection and guidance
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On March 22, ye guohua, chairman of hangzhou boiler group industrial boiler co., LTD., came to our company to inspect and guide the company.

Chairman ye guohua, accompanied by the chairman of the company huang chuen, visited the company's machinery production line and was very interested in the production of biomass steam generators in the Mediterranean.

We appreciate the company's new generation biomass boiler when we come to the smoke test area of r&d center.

Symposium, smiling grace to leaf dong a line within the next three years, this paper introduces the new three board listed company development plan and situation, and the company needs in technical talent and development strategy of cooperation and guo-hua ye chairman said at the meeting to maintain established long-term strategic cooperation with our company.