Zhejiang Mediterranean new energy equipment Co., Ltd. successfully held the 2020 annual summary and commendation conference
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2020 grand ceremony

Annual meeting site

On January 6, 2021, Mediterranean boiler held a grand work summary and commendation meeting for 2020. During the meeting, the company made a work summary for 2020 and a work plan for 2021 on the stage, and formulated the work objectives for 2021, playing a prelude to the work of the new year.

2020 annual meeting process

13: 20 → 13:30 arrive at the venue and sign in

13: 30 → 15:00 opening and leader's speech

15: 00 → 16:00 awards and speeches by employee representatives

17: 30 → 21:00 dinner, program and lucky draw

Leadership speech

The year 2020 has passed. It is not easy for "rats" and "cattle" to turn the world. On the occasion of farewell to the old and welcome the new year, I would like to extend new year's greetings to all employees and their families on behalf of Mediterranean company and Fute environmental protection company! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all employees who have worked hard in this year and all family members and friends who care about and support the development of Mediterranean company. Finally, thank the dealers and agents who have always supported the Mediterranean. It is your support that can make the Mediterranean boiler come to the present. It is your valuable opinion to make the Mediterranean products better and better. I believe that the Mediterranean boiler products will be better and better in the new year, and the quality and quality will have a qualitative leap.

Mr. Huang summarized his work at the 2020 annual summary and commendation meeting and introduced the work content and company planning in 2021. The employees of the company deeply feel that in the new year, everything will be renewed and strive for the Mediterranean!

● excellent team of the year

In 2020, they worked tirelessly and conscientiously, based on their own posts, assiduously studied technology, bravely took the burden of work, completed various tasks given by the company, overcame many difficulties and made great contributions to the stable development of the Mediterranean!

Xiong Weicun, Yu Fu, Yu xiuhai, Zhao Fengxiang, Liu Litian, Ren mingsan

After the award ceremony, all employees of the company took group photos on the flat ground. It was drizzling outside, and the employees were still full of sweet smiles.

Annual meeting warm heart welfare

Mediterranean boiler has prepared a warm welfare for you - Youting, so that you can turn on heating at home for the new year, so that you can feel the heat energy of the Mediterranean and enjoy the Mediterranean life!

At 17:30, the annual meeting dinner officially began. After a year of hard work, with the company of your family, we spent this beautiful and happy night together in the Mediterranean family. At the dinner party, everyone sang on stage and actively participated in the game. The atmosphere was higher and higher again.

Annual meeting site

Birthday is the happiest day for everyone. The company prepared a birthday cake for the employees whose birthday was in January, celebrated their birthday with everyone at the annual meeting, and got everyone's blessing.

2020 has passed, and we have spent the most difficult time together. The next development of the Mediterranean also hopes to witness with you that 2021, with opportunities and challenges, risks and benefits, is coming to us. In the new year, everything is renewed. Mediterranean boiler hopes to unite with you, climb the peak bravely, and strive for the future of the Mediterranean with fuller enthusiasm and higher fighting spirit.