Safety production is not only in June, dizhonghai safety production Month activities review
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June this year is the 22nd national "Safety Production Month". dizhonghai carried out a series of activities of "Safety Production Month" with the theme of "Everyone speaks safety, everyone will respond to emergencies".
Let's review dizhonghai's activities on safety production in June.

1. Security risk investigation
In June, the company's safety hazard investigation team conducted a special investigation of safety hazards in the whole factory.

2. Distribute heat prevention and cooling supplies
On June 8, the company issued summer heat prevention and cooling supplies for employees to prevent safety accidents and high temperature heat stroke events.

3. Safety knowledge training
On June 13, the company carried out safety knowledge training activities to enrich employees' safety production knowledge.

4. outdoor fire drill
On June 13, a fire fighting drill was carried out in the open space of the factory.

Safety production is not only in June, although the "safety production month" activity is over, but safety production has no end and will never end. In this July, Huang Quanen, chairman of the company, repeatedly emphasized safety in production at the weekly regular meeting of all employees, and proposed that safety in production should be "three no, four no, five no." "Three Nos" : Do not hurt yourself, do not hurt others, do not be hurt by others; "Four" : to go to work to wear a hard hat, wear labor protection shoes, grinding with a protective eye mask, hold the polishing machine with both hands, the forklift should be slow to open the slow fork, and the lifting should be firm and reliable; "Five don't" : do not go up if the ladder brake is not stopped, do not jump on the ladder operation, do not stand under the car, do not look at the mobile phone while working, do not go to work after drinking.

Safety production must be ringing alarm bells, unremitting efforts, not a moment to relax. The company will also firmly grasp the initiative of safety production work in the future work, solidly carry out safety production, and ensure the safe and orderly development of various production and operation work.