Dizhonghai conducts safety knowledge training activities
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June this year is the 22nd national "Safety Production Month", the theme is "everyone speaks safety, everyone will respond to emergencies". In order to further strengthen the safety production line, improve the safety awareness of employees, and eliminate safety hazards to the maximum extent, on June 13, dizhonghai carried out safety knowledge training activities with the theme of "Everyone speaks safety, everyone will respond to emergencies".

This activity is divided into two parts: indoor staff safety knowledge training and outdoor fire fighting drill. At 13:30 on June 13, the staff safety training was given by Teacher Wang, a trainer from Zhejiang Taino Safety Technical Service Co., LTD. The safety knowledge training was rich in content. Teacher Wang explained the safety knowledge in detail around all aspects of safety production, which was highly practical and enriched the staff's knowledge of safety production.

In order to put the learned knowledge into practice and popularize the use of fire extinguishers among the employees, after the safety knowledge training, a dry powder fire extinguisher fire drill was held in the open space of the factory. In the process, Mr. Wang emphasized the use skills and precautions of dry powder fire extinguishers, and staff of all departments took turns to operate them, and finally mastered the use of fire extinguishers.

The safety training and fire drill activities will be a strong combination of theory and practice, improve the staff's safety awareness and fire skills, popularize the relevant knowledge of safety production, and achieved good results.

Safety concerns us all. Safety is the orderly factory workshop, the calm in the face of emergencies, the courage to save each other's determination, is the ability to protect themselves and others. Tree safety awareness, grasp safety knowledge, improve emergency capacity, so that everyone is safe, everyone will be emergency.