Warmly celebrate the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Industrial boiler Branch chairman expanded meeting held in Lishui grand
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Recently, the 2023 Chairman expansion meeting of the Industrial Boiler Branch of China Electrical Appliances Industry Association, hosted by our company, came to a successful conclusion on May 26-27 in Lishui, "Xiushan Lishui, health Bliss" Lishui. The meeting was hosted by the Industrial Boiler Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association. More than 30 boiler experts and directors from all over the country gathered at Baoting Hotel in Lishui. The conference was first organized by Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. Chairman Huang Quanen on behalf of all the staff to give a welcome speech, welcome leaders and directors to Lishui to participate in the chairman of the expanded meeting, the deputy director of the Economic and Trade Bureau of Lishui Economic and Technological Development Zone Hu Muxu introduced the situation of Lishui economic development Zone, and invited the directors to invest in Lishui, Lishui Special equipment safety supervision Department Director Ji Jianfang attended the forum, And the boiler safety is emphasized. The meeting summarized the current market situation of industrial boilers, and discussed and communicated the development of the industry in the future. The meeting was chaired by Secretary-General Wang Shanwu, and the experts at the meeting focused on promoting some new technologies and new ideas for future development.

After the meeting, under the arrangement of our company, we visited the national well-known enterprises Zhongguang Electric machine automation production line and Zhejiang Mediterranean New energy Equipment Co., LTD. Garden-style enterprises, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Lishui sitting forget Valley scenic spot, and took a group photo.

Zhongguang electrical automation production line

Dizhonghai boiler garden enterprise

Take a group photo