May fourth Youth Day group building to promote the "May fourth spirit", casting excellent team, create brilliant enterprise
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Yesterday was the May 4th Youth Day, youth, the symbol means young, full of vigor, vitality and the future, youth, the symbol means dream, full of struggle, hard work and efforts, youth, the symbol means transformation, full of strength, public and mature, youth, we must in the limited life, create unlimited value, do not forget the original heart, remember the mission, Dare to explore and innovate. Zhejiang Dizhonghai New Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. In their own garden-style factory held a variety of interesting group construction activities, improve everyone's unity and cooperation ability, cast excellent team, create brilliant enterprise.

At the beginning of the event, the company leader made an important speech:

Today's commemoration of the May Fourth Movement, holding a team building activities, the purpose is to carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth, shoulder the historical mission, is to establish ideals, determined to serve the country; Be diligent in study and brave in practice; It is necessary to exercise character in practice, hone will, and learn to be a man while learning artisan spiritual and cultural knowledge; Be punctual and trustworthy, be a civilized citizen; Both ideal, but also focus on reality, do the job, from the side of the ability to start; Have the courage to give. Here are some of my hopes:

I hope that all of our staff will continue to carry forward the fine style of being able to bear hardships and fight, and show the fine, gas and God of today's activities and competitions, and bring them to the actual work, redouble their efforts, redouble their efforts, and I also hope that all the cadres and staff of the company will work harder and harder to develop and innovate, and continue to forge ahead. To seek truth and pragmatism, the courage to surpass oneself; With the work style of solid hard work and hard work, we will make contributions in our respective positions and do our own work better and more wonderful. I believe that as long as we are united and work together, we dizhonghai will be able to achieve new and greater development, and our various undertakings will be better and better! With the continuous development of the enterprise, our wages and benefits will certainly be greatly improved, so we must have confidence in ourselves and the future, complain less, dedicate more, and do our own work well! Finally, once again to the majority of the company's cadres and staff to extend holiday greetings, and sincerely wish the group to build sports activities a complete success! Thank you all!

Fun games, not only can improve the feeling between employees, but also increase the ability of teamwork, but also reflects the spirit of hard work, barbecue, do steamed buns and dumplings, do it yourself, reflecting the spirit of hard work.

Each game activity has its own fun, bringing us laughter, sweat and difficulties. In the activity, it not only enhances the feelings between people, but also exercises the idea of solving problems encountered in the activity, and the cohesion of the team has been improved.

Inherit the spirit of May 4th, gather youth strength on the road to rejuvenation, inject youth vitality into the motherland, and strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!