Horizontal oil (gas) steam boiler

The boiler features

Furnace body structure is horizontal wet back three return fire tube type, corrugated furnace, furnace, under the fire box set can be opened before and after the smoke, the door is the base for the saddle type, appearance using color soft milky white color plate. Symmetrical arrangement of heat transfer pipe and light pipe combination, large heat transfer area makes boiler thermal efficiency up to 90%. The manufacturing process eliminates the safety hazard of the imported boiler fillet weld, and USES butt welding in a very strict manner, which increases the safety coefficient of the boiler and prolongs the service life of the boiler. The boiler has no upper water supply, because the water is always in a high speed turbulent flow, which keeps the convection, radiation and conduction in an ideal state, and constantly destroys the bubbles and other attached objects in the laminar boundary. Therefore, the boiler heating surface has good water cooling. The low level of the combustion chamber makes the water level safe and increases the vapor phase space of the boiler, and the unique steam separator makes the steam quality better (the steam drying degree is above 97%).

The water level control system adopts electrode type water level control to set high, medium, low and extremely low water level protection. Control with multi-layer safety interlock protection device, such as steam pressure protection, temperature protection, burner flame-out protection, safety valve protection, password protection password protection, explosion door protection, the safe operation of boiler is always under control. Time control: one week cycle, can set 6 time periods and the corresponding set temperature automatically run, time, temperature and rest days can be programmed according to the user's personalized requirements.

The boiler is an instrument valve with reliable performance of the whole machine, and the burner and the pump are imported to ensure that every link of the boiler is reliable. According to the design specifications, the door of the furnace inspection door, head hole, hand hole, view fire hole, explosion-proof door and the open smoke box door are set up to facilitate maintenance and cleaning. Safety and reliability: ensure the normal operation of boilers by improving strict quality management and performance testing.

Scope of application

Can be used in textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, food, rubber, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, metallurgy and other industrial products processing process required for steam, and is available for enterprises, government agencies, hotels, schools, catering, service industry of heating, cooking, bath, air conditioner and life required for steam and hot water.