Horizontal oil-gas hot water boiler

CWNS direct heating

Structural characteristics of
1.CWNS series is horizontal internal combustion wet back boiler. It is composed of pot shell, furnace bile, return chamber, front and rear smoke box, fire pipe and so on.
2. The small size adopts the straight furnace, and the large scale USES the corrugated furnace to strengthen the heat transfer and improve the thermal efficiency.
3. The back combustion chamber adopts the butt welding process and the wet back type structure, which avoids the disadvantages of the rear tube plate being liable to fall due to the high temperature of the gas, so as to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.
4. The boiler machine is out of the factory, the touch screen, PLC program control, ordinary computer and other control systems are available.
5. The appearance is made of milky white color steel plate, beautiful and elegant.

Central hot water unit (indirect heating type)

Modular concept:

Modular central hot water unit, is to the boiler, circulating water pump, valve, instrument, control system and other accessories and software combined into a module, complete sets of box installed in the factory, in the form of units directly use in need of heating system linkage system. The advantages of strong functional expansibility and satisfying user's multifaceted selective demand are obvious.

Structural features:
Big furnace technology, design of the tolerant radiation type large corrugated furnace, fuel full combustion, thermal efficiency of 90%.
Turbulence technology effectively destroys the boundary of flue gas laminar flow and strengthens convection heat transfer.
The special structure of the cloth tube design makes the unit volume smaller. The high temperature flue gas from the rear spherical wet back into the second return smoke pipe, the channel design is fluent, the resistance is small, the unit operation noise is low.
The outer - type beautiful explosion-proof door, and can be used as the ash mouth.

1. Greatly reduce the workload of site installation, and reduce the disadvantages caused by uneven quality of installation team.
2. Modular combination, the timing of local shutdown does not affect the overall heating.
3. The furnace in the inland waters as hot media, not to participate in the outside system circulation, tiny fill water, completely free hot water boiler caused by low return water temperature through the tail of the flue temperature oxygen corrosion phenomenon, so as to prolong the service life of the boiler.
4. Normal pressure heating of the boiler, pressure heating, no need to deal with the complicated boiler declaration procedures, the installation site is not restricted.
5. Equipped with nanjing rentai control technology, with advanced level control technology, to ensure your safe operation.