Vacuum hot water boiler

The low half of the vacuum warm water boiler is made of combustion and heat transmission tube:the U pipe bundle heat exchange inserts into the up half of the boiler.

The boiler is absolutely safe because it runs under the minus pressure condition. The heat medium in the furnace will not in and out, not increase and decrease. The medium carry out the circulating heat exchange in the fully close vacuum chamber.

The heat exchange is made of imported stainless steel with a highest thermo-conductivity.The heat exchange efficiency is very high, and the energy saving effect is very obvious. The heat medium in the furnace is purified water free of oxygen, and will not erode any contacting part. The endurance of the boiler is 3-4 times of that of the traditional boilers.

The identification of advantage of ZKWSS series products:

Absolutely safe
The boiler runs under the minus pressure all the time and explosion will not occur. The temperature sensor, relief valve, anti overheat and vacuum control switch are set in for the boiler.Any potential security issue has been taken into consideration.

Two ways warm water output. It can be used as two ways syatem to supply both warm water and heating or single way system to warm water or heating.

Chinese HM operating interface
The control system is leading. The water temperature can be realized. It is no need to replace the heat exchange.

Free of installation application procedure
The boiler is delivered inn integrate, so the complicated application procedure of the function department can be eliminated and lower the cost a.s.a.p.

Economical running
Due to ting heat medium water, the heat exchange is performing under minus pressure in the vacuum chamber. The heat efficiency is high.Free of preheat loss so the energy saving effect is obviously. The heat efficiency is up to 91%.

Long endurance
The heat exchange is made of the stainless steel with best thermo conductivity. The exchange rate is rapid and the exchange is erosion proof. Flanges joint the pipe, which is convenient to repairing and replacing. The heated pipe bundle exchanges heat with the heat medium in the furnace only and not contact with the flame or mist. The heat load is stable and uniform, so the heat stress is reduced and prolongs of the boiler.

Broad adaptability
The volume of the boiler is small. So the boiler can be installed at a narrow place.It is easy to enlarge the capacity.Several boiler can be parallel connected when large capacity is needed.It is widely used by the customers whose security requirement is quite cute and widely used under the circumstances whose security requirement quite cute too..