300KG oil / gas steam generator

Imported combustion engine, more energy saving. Sterilization, drying, cooking, heating a variety of functions.

High efficiency and energy saving
This five return gas pipe steam generator is a kind of internal combustion type steam generator, water wall structure, furnace set piece of thermal conductivity, good heat transfer effect, at first, a dizhonghai is a new generation of highly efficient environmental protection and energy saving products.

With delicate
Because of continuous innovation and improvement to strengthen the practicability of the products, novel appearance, compact structure, small vertical, especially small, without foundation, easy installation, beautiful appearance, color soft, coordinated with the environment, rich sense of art.

Safe and reliable
There is below the water level alarm stops running, overpressure automatic stop running, lower than the set pressure start automatically run, using multiple safety design, safe and reliable, easy-to-install control can simply click on the button to complete automatic filling water, burning, cycle control, and other functions.

The product through 2 levels of energy saving, the main furnace water capacity less than 30 l, without approval, inspection, the factory configuration is complete, the imported burner, ignition 1 minutes to reach the courage, out-of-the-box, produce gas quickly, form a complete set of high quality brand stainless steel multistage pumps, durable.

Scope of application
Suitable for garment textile industry, food machinery industry, bio-chemical industry, packaging machinery industry, bamboo and wood manufacturing industry, electroplating heating, school, hospital, hotel, hotel, etc. It has many functions of sterilization, drying, cooking and heating.