200KG oil / gas steam generator

Imported combustion engine, more energy saving. Sterilization, drying, cooking, heating a variety of functions.

High efficiency and energy saving
This series of steam boilers USES new refractory materials, without preheating load, thermal efficiency and air pressure stability, which can produce high quality steam in a short time. Low noise, low fuel consumption, low smoke emission, no pollution and complete combustion. Thus, it saves fuel cost and improves economy. It is an energy-saving and energy-saving product.

With delicate
Because of continuous innovation and improvement to strengthen the practicability of the products, novel appearance, compact structure, small vertical, especially small, without foundation, easy installation, beautiful appearance, color soft, coordinated with the environment, rich sense of art.

Safe and reliable
Using automatic microcomputer control system, the boiler automatic control, the function is all ready, can be set now time, start time, stop time, also has the self-diagnosis function, once there is an exception occurs when the boiler operation, automatic interrupt water and burning, and send out sound and light alarm, safe and reliable, simple operation.

The design is meticulous, the material selection is strict, adopts the high salary technology to elaborate, has the best corrosion resistance, the durability and the robustness.

Scope of application
It is widely used in public baths, schools, hospitals, restaurants, food processing and chemical processing plants. It has many functions of sterilization, drying, cooking and heating.