500KG tubular steam generator

This steam generator types for LSG0.5-0.7 - M, is a kind of unique research and development of internal combustion five return burning straw briquette fuel pipe type steam generator, furnace set multi-tube cyclone dust removal and two levels of economizer, tubular structure, domestic and international leading level, 4 to 5 minutes after a successful ignition can obtain sufficient pressure steam, is a generation of environmental protection and efficient energy-saving products.

This steam generator adopts automatic microcomputer control system, automatic control of equipment operation, no manual guard, automatic water inlet system. Automatic control pressure system, automatic feeding system. With low water level alarm and stop operation, the overpressure will stop running automatically. It will start operation automatically under the setting pressure, and adopt multiple safety design, which is safe and reliable. The ignition system USES the most advanced diesel ignition system, the ignition speed is fast, the stainless steel multi-stage pump, durable, gas fast, safe and convenient. The boiler adopts the unique full-automatic positive and negative pressure cyclone semi-gasification combustion, equipped with two-stage energy saving device, built-in multi-tube cyclone dust removal, and external water film dust removal. Using a fuel into the wind, two intake sufficient combustion, high furnace temperature, particle burnout rate of 99%, five return after combustion flue gas circulation, make up 30% boiler heating surface and the boiler thermal efficiency is above 90%, produce gas quickly, exhaust smoke temperature is low, stable and reliable running safety and running cost is lower than the general factory production of boiler.

Boiler pressure parts, adopting the tubular conduit structure on ontology by top and bottom ring header and two laps of finned tube cylindrical channels for a return, outer finned tube with inner ring ring channel of finned tube for the second return, outer ring of finned tube and the atmospheric pressure inside the economizer tube annular passage for the third return, water-cooled outside the multi-tube cyclone pipe for the fourth return, dust collector pipe for the return of 5, the energy saving effect is greatly increased. Because of continuous innovation and improvement to strengthen the practicability of the products, modelling is novel, in particular, small volume, convenient installation, product shape beauty, color soft, and the environment coordinated, full of artistic feeling.