300KG biomass steam generator

Steam generator characteristics:One machine, full functions.

Energy efficient:The steam generator uses the most advanced positive pressure combustion method. It has unique primary air heating and secondary air combustion configuration. It can completely burn off the biomass particle. The boiler has multi-return arrangement, compact structure, adequate heating surface, and can boost, outlet the steam fast; the furnace uses the new refractory materials, supplemental firing, and extend the service life of the boiler. It is the newest Environmental protection and energy saving products.

Safe and reliable:Boiler has the automatic microcomputer system, automatic control of boiler operation, owning overpressure protection and water scarcity functions. Biomass feed system combines with flat and aslant falling way in design, completely eliminate the phenomena of biomass fuel combustion backdraft, thereby really achieve the double insurance that body control the security and safety of the combustion control system.

Delicate Design:Due to continuous innovations and improvements, the products enhance the practicality and novelty. Especially in the aspects of small size, without foundation, easy installation, beautiful appearance, soft colors, harmony with the environment, full of artistic sense.

Wide range of fuelBiomass materials for combustion can use local materials. Solid biomass fuels uses  woods, branches, saw dust, topwoods, skins and butts, husk, straw, rice straw, manure and other waste products through mechanical processing a particulate with regular shape, rod or block fuel. The advantage of it is low cost and wide range of sources.

DurableCareful design, superior materials, using high technology to elaborate, with excellent corrosion resistance, durability and ruggedness.

Application range:Apply to clothing iron, plating heating, chemical processing, food processing, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc. Has the functions of disinfection, drying, cooking,  heating and so on.