300KG tubular steam generator

The steam generator models for LSG0.3-0.7 - M, furnace set multi-tube cyclone dust removal and two levels of economizer, tubular structure, domestic and international leading level, 4 to 5 minutes after ignition success can obtain sufficient pressure steam, is a generation of environmental protection and efficient energy-saving products.

This steam generator is equipped with automatic microcomputer control system, automatic control of equipment operation, no need of professional fireman guards, equipped with perfect automatic control device and safety protection device. Equipped with automatic water level monitoring. Overpressure, automatic protection, the key operation, the biomass feeding system adopts flat into and oblique blanking the design concept of combining eliminated biomass burning fuel combustion phenomenon back, really achieve the safety control the security of ontology and combustion system control of double insurance. The design is meticulous, the material selection is strict, adopts the high salary technology to elaborate, has the best corrosion resistance, the durability and the robustness. Adopting a new type of multi-tubular cyclone dust collector and energy-saving one-piece structure, it greatly reduces the flue gas temperature, improves the thermal efficiency, and achieves the new standard. Detailed design, the use of the international steel, steam generator theme class B boiler manufacturing process in strict accordance with the requirements, by holding boiler pipe welder certificate of pressure vessel welder for welding, durable.

For combustion of biomass materials can use local materials, solid biomass fuel molding is the use of sawdust, branches, sawdust, clumps, slab and frustum, fruit husk, straw, rice straw, cow dung after mechanical processing such as waste output has rules in the shape of granule, bar or block of the fuel, low cost and wide source.