Electric water boiler

Especially suitable for heating and bathing of beauty salons, leisure clubs, factories and institutions

intelligent automatic control, excellent safety performance

Boiler characters

green environmental protection, thermal efficiency, intelligent automation, reasonable structure, easy to operate

Manual control: Operated manually according to the current temperature that setting by hand, completely out of the control of the editing process, each time’s operation of the machine (power on), has enterred the manual control mode.

Time control: Cycles weekly, every day can set automatically to run six periods a day corresponding to the set temperature, time interval, temperature, rest days can be programmed according to the user’s personalized requirements.

Temporary control: Temporarily absent from the current time control, swith to manual control. Restored to the time control status before the arrival of the next periods.

Safe and reliable: Mediterranean boiler, through a more sound and strict quality management and performance testing to ensure that the boiler normal operation
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